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3D Modelling and Animation, Rendering and Post Production & Creative Direction

I had the privilege of guiding a team of talented creatives in delivering a diverse range of projects for the esteemed white goods manufacturer AGA Rangemaster. Our collaborative efforts encompassed the creation of web-based product configurators, e-learning modules, and product explainer animations.


These projects covered various subjects, including the demonstration of induction cooking and highlighting the superior cooking experience provided by AGA Rangemaster's traditional cast iron range compared to conventional ovens. To ensure a comprehensive and engaging experience, I worked closely with AGA's management team, contributing to the development of strategies and crafting compelling narratives for the e-learning content.


Furthermore, I collaborated with our skilled developers, pushing the technical boundaries to deliver innovative solutions that exceeded expectations. Combining our creative expertise and technical prowess, we successfully brought AGA Rangemaster's vision to life, creating impactful and immersive experiences for their audience.

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