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I'm proud to say that over the last year, I have been privileged to work on five technical animations for The Formula 1® Exhibition that opened to the public in Madrid last weekend. Created by Round Room Studios, the exhibition will be touring the world, letting visitors discover the world of #F1. From racing's early history to today, detailing the teams and drivers, both past and present. The exhibition covers the epic races and intricate technology of the sport.

Collaborating with the one and only Craig Scarborough and the superb Mark Anthony O' Leary and Julian Okines at Jam Creative, we produced videos covering aerodynamic airflow and suspension dynamics. We take viewers inside an F1 Power Unit and Seamless Shift Gearbox and explore the plethora of electronics that go into building the most technically advanced racers on the planet. Under Criag's expert guidance and Mark's creative direction, I assembled a highly detailed 3D model of a generic F1 car with all the essential components. I then rigged it for animation, including working pushrod suspension and the internal combustion elements of the power unit.

It has been fantastic to have the opportunity to play a small part in this ambitious production (Jam created 50+ videos in total!), and I would like to congratulate everyone involved.


Below is a short reel of the five animations. They are show-exclusive, so to see them in their entirety, I'm afraid you'll need to book a flight to Madrid!

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