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Elecro Joey

Drill Animation


I had the opportunity to collaborate with Gaist, a road survey specialist, on an exciting project. We aimed to develop two system explainer animations that would showcase the innovative solutions and capabilities offered by Gaist.

Through extensive research and understanding of Gaist's road survey technology, I crafted engaging and informative animations that effectively communicated the essence of their systems. These animations served as valuable tools for explaining the intricacies of Gaist's solutions, making them easily understandable for both technical and non-technical audiences.

Working closely with the Gaist team, I ensured that the animations captured the essence of their technology, highlighting its unique features and benefits. By employing visual storytelling techniques, I aimed to convey the value and effectiveness of Gaist's road survey systems concisely and engagingly.

It was a fulfilling experience to contribute to Gaist's mission of revolutionizing road surveying. The animations provided a powerful means of demonstrating the capabilities of their systems, helping Gaist effectively communicate their expertise and solutions to clients and stakeholders.

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