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Being at the forefront of luminaire design and manufacturing, Holophane consistently pushes the boundaries of innovation by introducing new products and lighting solutions. Once again, I had the opportunity to collaborate with our video partner, Exposure Media, on an exciting project—the launch video for Holophane's highly anticipated Denver ID family of products.

For this latest range of luminaires, Holophane desired a video that showcased the sleek and aesthetically pleasing design of the casework and effectively communicated the multitude of features and benefits these luminaires offer. In close collaboration with Exposure Media, we embarked on a creative journey, crafting over thirty artistic camera and product moves that highlighted the unique aspects of the Denver ID luminaires. The talented team at Exposure Media skillfully edited these shots into an exhilarating and fast-paced video, ready for launch on Holophane's website and various social media channels.

In addition to the launch video, I had the pleasure of working with Holophane and their advertising agencies to produce pre-manufacturing product renders. These renders were vital in creating visually captivating brochures, online materials, and other marketing and advertising applications. By accurately depicting the luminaires' design and capabilities, these renders served as powerful tools for communicating the value and versatility of Holophane's products.

Together, through our collaborative efforts, we aimed to engage and inspire audiences while effectively conveying the unique qualities of the Denver ID family of products. As always, it is a privilege to work alongside Holophane, contributing to its ongoing success as a world leader in luminaire design and innovation.

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