INDYCAR 2018 UAK AeroKit

Design & Styling

Chris worked with Indycars Director of Aerodynamics Tino Belli assisting with styling and creative direction for the 2018 Universal Aerokit. The assignment involved collaboration with the design, aerodynamic and engineering departments at both Indycar and Dallara.


Chris worked on the aesthetic appearance of the car making sure it hit Indycars highest expectations, while also collaborating with Dallara to ensure that the aerodynamic and safety targets were also hit. The design has been critically acclaimed and gathered many awards and plaudits.


Image credit INDYCAR

The Team

Louis Schwitzer Award 2018 Indy 500

Tino Belli, Chris Beatty, Andrea Toso, Antonio Montanari

Aerodynamicist of the year - World Motorsport Symposium

Dialma Zinelli, Tino Belli, Chris Beatty


Project Lead - Tino Belli

Project Oversight - Bill Papis and Jay Frye

Styling / Creative Direction - Chris Beatty


Project Lead - Andrea Toso

In-house stylist - Andrea Guerri

Aerodynamics - Dialma Zinelli,

Aerodynamics - Antonio Montanari

Aerodynamics - Marco Milanetti

And many more

“Chris has been a great resource when called upon as it applies to vehicle styling. He provides excellent feedback and his ideas have been thoughtful and effective. He works fast and presents his ideas clearly. I highly recommend Chris.”

Tino Belli - Director of Aerodynamics - Indycar

“IndyCars Secret Weapon”

RaceTech Magazine

“Thank you for all your hard work, we really appreciate it.

Jay Fry - President - IndyCar

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UAK-18 Development
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Image credit INDYCAR