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Vehicle Styling, Design and overall project Creative Direction and Consultancy


I had the privilege of playing a pivotal role in the design of the highly acclaimed and multi-award-winning 2018 IndyCar, an experience that I hold dear. This assignment involved collaborating closely with IndyCar and Dallara's design, aerodynamic, and engineering departments to ensure the car met and surpassed IndyCar's lofty expectations.

The new car garnered immense praise and approval from INDYCAR fans, as evidenced by a staggering 99% approval rating in a fan survey compared to its predecessor. Its aesthetic transformation and performance significantly elevated the racing spectacle in the series, leaving a lasting impact. Moreover, it has contributed to IndyCar's continued rise in popularity on a global scale, further propelling the sport's upward trajectory.


Being a part of such an extraordinary project was truly gratifying, and I am proud to have played a role in the success and positive reception of the 2018 IndyCar.

Image credit INDYCAR



Project Lead - Tino Belli

Project Oversight - Bill Papis and Jay Frye

Styling / Creative Direction - Chris Beatty


Project Lead - Andrea Toso

In-house stylist - Andrea Guerri

Aerodynamics - Dialma Zinelli,

Aerodynamics - Antonio Montanari

Aerodynamics - Marco Milanetti

And many more

“Chris has been a great resource when called upon as it applies to vehicle styling. He provides excellent feedback and his ideas have been thoughtful and effective. He works fast and presents his ideas clearly. I highly recommend Chris.”

Tino Belli - Director of Aerodynamics - Indycar

“IndyCars Secret Weapon”

RaceTech Magazine

“Thank you for all your hard work, we really appreciate it.

Jay Fry - President - IndyCar

Via Twitter

Louis Schwitzer Award 2018 Indy 500

Tino Belli, Chris Beatty, Andrea Toso, Antonio Montanari

Aerodynamicist of the year - World Motorsport Symposium

Dialma Zinelli, Tino Belli, Chris Beatty

Image credit INDYCAR

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