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Working alongside Dallara and Chevrolet, I had the opportunity to utilise their CAD files to develop a range of educational and marketing assets for IndyCar and its partners.

One of our standout achievements was the creation of a highly detailed 3D representation of the 2018 IndyCar. By incorporating CAD files generously provided by Dallara, Chevrolet, PFC, Mezzo, and other technical partners, we were able to bring this creative vision to life. Every intricate detail was meticulously added from wiring looms to nuts and screw heads. Additionally, we designed a versatile livery system that allowed for the depiction of different drivers and teams.

Another significant task was the development of a commercial model of the car. This version was tailored explicitly for IndyCar teams and broadcast partners, offering a streamlined 3D asset without internal details. By tracing the model, I created a polygon-based version that retained accuracy while optimising data size. This optimisation significantly improved animation workflows and rendering speed.
I also created livery templates for the car to facilitate further customisation, covering both road course and superspeedway configurations. To ensure seamless integration and usage, we developed a comprehensive manual that guided 3D artists within teams, sponsor companies, and broadcast production teams. This resource empowered them to harness the model's full potential, enabling them to create captivating presentations and videos.

Through close collaboration and the utilisation of cutting-edge technology, I am proud to contribute to the visualisation and promotion of IndyCar. By equipping stakeholders with these versatile assets, we aim to enhance their marketing and educational endeavours, further elevating the sport's visibility and impact.

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