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Based on the CAD supplied by Dallara and Chevrotte CBD Have created a number of educational and marketing assets around for IndyCar and its partners to use.

The technical asset above used CAD files kindly supplied by Dallara, Chevrolet, PFC, Mezzo and other technical partners. It forms perhaps the most complete technical representation of the 2018 IndyCar in a creative 3D format. Additional detail was added such as wiring looms, nuts and screw heads, as well as a livery system that allows for different drives and teams to be illustrated.

The next stage was to produce a commercial model of the car. This was to be a stripped-down version minus the internal details and aimed at giving IndyCars teams and broadcast partners a ready to use 3D asset. The model was traced to develop a less data-heavy, but still accurate polygon model of the car that would be easier to animate and faster to render.


CBD also developed livery templates for the car in both its aerodynamic configurations (Road course and Super Speedway). A manual (below) was developed so that 3D artist with in the teams, their sponsor companies or the broadcast production teams could get up and running with the model to develop their own presentation and videos.

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