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Drill Animation




I collaborated with Expose Media on a captivating project, creating technical insight animations for Milwaukee, a renowned power tool manufacturer. Utilizing the client's CAD data, we embarked on an engaging exploration of their products, visually showcasing their intricate inner workings.


One of the highlights was an explosive animation where we meticulously dissected the product, revealing its internal components and mechanisms. We brought the reciprocation mechanism to life, demonstrating the intricate workings of a pneumatic drill in an animated sequence.


Additionally, I had the opportunity to produce camera-tracked animations for a handheld drill. These animations provided an immersive view into the drill's internal operations while it was in action, allowing viewers to understand its functionality comprehensively.

Expose Medias full video can be seen below. It was one of thier biggest and longest jobs with multiple elements within the production and post-production. The end result was a powerful, masculine video with music that suited what Milwaukee was selling and promoting.

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