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Image credit INDYCAR


Jeff Horton - Project Lead

Chris Beatty - Concept Design

PPG - Mechanical Design

Concept Design

In the summer of 2016, I had the privilege of collaborating with Jeff Horton, the Director of Engineering at IndyCar, on an exciting project focused on enhancing cockpit protection in the DW12 IndyCar chassis. Our primary goal was to develop a series of design concepts that would undergo evaluation by the IndyCar technical team and manufacturer PPG.

Throughout the project, we worked diligently to meet the strict parameters set by PPG, our valued partner in this endeavour. To fulfil their requirements, we carefully selected Opticore, a remarkable material known for its exceptional visual acuity, toughness, and strength. Opticore had already proven its reliability in the aeronautical industry, particularly in fighter jet canopies. 

After much dedication and effort, the prototype incorporating the Opticore screen was installed on Scott Dixon's car for testing at Phoenix International Speedway, as seen in the video below.

However, despite our best efforts, the frameless nature of the screen resulted in its failure during the final impact tests conducted by IndyCar. As a result, the project was eventually set aside in favour of the more comprehensive Red Bull Aeroscreen solution. Though disappointed, our commitment to safety and innovation remains unwavering, and we continue to strive for advancements in cockpit protection for the future of motorsports.

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