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Image credit INDYCAR


Jeff Horton - Project Lead

Chris Beatty - Concept Design

PPG - Mechanical Design


In the summer of 2016, Chris worked with Jeff Horton (Director of Engineering at IndyCar) to develop a series of design concepts aimed at enhancing cockpit protection in the DW12 IndyCar chassis for engineering evaluation by the IndyCar technical team and manufacturer PPG.

The screen had to fit within a strict set of parameters set by the manufacturer PPG who was partnered with IndyCar for this project.


The material chosen is called Opticore and was selected because of its visual acuity and also extreme toughness and strength in the event of a high-speed impact. The material has been developed in the aeronautical industry and is used in fighter jet canopies.


Since this initial involvement, the screen has undergone further development by IndyCar, PPG and chassis manufacturer Dallara to ensure it interacts with car and driver. The screen was recently launched to the world with the first prototype being fitted to Scott Dixon's car and tested at Pheonix International Speedway. A video of which is below.

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