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Art Director and Producer Dean Wright from Get Wright On It and I teamed up to work on this fun project in the Summer of 22. Dean's client Uniden wanted two short animations introducing their latest radar detection products. The R4 and R8 have industry-leading performance, with false alert filtering providing the highest protection against speeding tickets.

Dean worked on scripts before we moved on to producing storyboards for each production. We channelled our inner "Cannonball Run" for this project, complete with speed limit signs and police hot pursuit cars lurking along a one-mile section of road and surrounding 3D landscape.

Cars and other assets were sourced from CG Trader and Turbosquid and de-badged. The scenery was kit-bashed from various road and freeway assets, with the landscape being created and sculpted in Maya to fit the path of the road. I then used Simon Mill's superb UAC Rig to set the cars up so that the steering and suspension would realistically react to the road surface.

A more stylised, high-end game finish was used, as the project had a tight deadline and modest budget. TV ad-level super photo-realism with a load of post-production work wasn't a realistic option. Rendering was done in v-Ray using the Chaos Cloud render farm, and After Effects and Premiere were used for the post-production work. Dean added the final sound design and music to top things off.


These were great fun to work on, and I hope you like the results!

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