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During the summer of 2022, I joined forces with Art Director and Producer Dean Wright from Get Wright On It for an exciting project. Dean's client, Uniden, sought two short animations to introduce their latest radar detection products: the R4 and R8 models. These exceptional products boast industry-leading performance and advanced false alert filtering, providing the highest level of protection against speeding tickets.

Our collaboration began with Dean working on scripts while I focused on producing detailed storyboards for each animation. Drawing inspiration from the classic film "Cannonball Run," we embarked on a creative journey that brought the animations to life. Along a one-mile stretch of road surrounded by a dynamic 3D landscape, we strategically placed speed limit signs and police hot pursuit cars, evoking a sense of exhilaration and adventure.

To bring authenticity to the animations, we sourced cars and other assets from CG Trader and Turbosquid, carefully removing any branding. The scenery was skillfully created by combining various road and freeway assets, while the landscape was meticulously sculpted in Maya to align with the path of the road. I utilized Simon Mill's exceptional UAC Rig to ensure that the cars' steering and suspension realistically responded to the road surface.

Given the project's tight deadline and modest budget, we opted for a stylized, high-end game finish rather than pursuing TV ad-level super photo realism. V-Ray and the Chaos Cloud render farm was used for rendering, while post-production work used After Effects and Premiere. Dean expertly added the final touches by incorporating sound design and music, elevating the overall experience.


Working on these animations was an absolute joy, and we are thrilled to present the results to you. We hope you enjoy the immersive and captivating journey we have created.

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