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P230 Device Animated Explainer


As a consultant for Vitalograph, a renowned medical device manufacturer specializing in respiratory testing, I was privileged to work on a significant project centred around the p230 Spirometer family of products. My role involved creating on-device animated tutorials to benefit patients and medical personnel. Additionally, I developed animated collateral to support these products' marketing efforts, ranging from captivating excitement videos to more in-depth explainer videos.

The animated tutorials I produced were invaluable resources, providing step-by-step guidance on effectively using the p230 Spirometer for patients and healthcare professionals. We aimed to simplify the device's operation through clear and concise animations, ensuring optimal usage and accurate results.

In addition to the tutorials, I worked closely with the marketing team to create compelling animated collateral. These materials were crucial in generating excitement and interest surrounding the p230 Spirometer. From captivating videos that showcased the device's features and benefits to detailed explainers that delved into its advanced functionalities, our goal was to effectively communicate the value of Vitalograph's innovative respiratory testing solution.

It was a fulfilling experience to contribute to Vitalograph's mission of improving respiratory health through innovative medical devices. The collaboration with Vitalograph resulted in impactful animated content that empowered patients, supported healthcare professionals, and effectively communicated the value of the p230 Spirometer to the broader audience.


“Being a somewhat demanding customer, Chris was always flexible in meeting our requirements and delivered the work to a very high standard. I found him to be very professional and exceptionally knowledgeable in this area and would recommend their services. ”


Jonathan Pritchard - Director, Business Development

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