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PRN - 100 Treatment

CJD Campaign Animation


Holdsworth Associates commissioned me to create an animation for PBD BioTech, a prominent developer in Phage-based diagnostics. Despite working with a tight budget and limited timeline, I was determined to deliver a high-quality result without compromising on the project's integrity.

During this project, I also transitioned from Maya to Blender, which allowed me to explore and utilize the real-time EEVEE renderer in Blender. This decision significantly reduced the rendering costs while maintaining the visual appeal of the animation.

Once I completed the rendering sequences, they were passed on to the talented team at Holdsworth Associates. They skillfully handled the final editing, added the voice-over, and incorporated music to enhance the overall impact of the animation.

This project was enjoyable and beneficial, as it allowed me to familiarize myself with Blender's production capabilities while meeting the project's demands. It served as a valuable learning experience and demonstrated the effectiveness of Blender as a versatile and cost-effective tool in animation production.

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