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Through my work with brands like INDYCAR, RedBull Advanced Technologies and Aston Martin Formula One, I have built a reputation for making the fast look faster.

Acting as a 'bolt-on creative solution, I will work with your design engineering teams to inject that high-level concept design thinking to ensure the form of your project has the visual and tactile impact that today's users demand.


I have experience of proving concept design, styling and creative direction for top tier motorsports, right through to the latest medical device innovations.

Driven by a passion for motorsports safety improvements, I was instrumental in the push for increased protection for drivers in the US IndyCar Series culminating in our involvement on the ground-breaking Indycar Aeroscreen driver protection device for Indycar and RedBull.


The project involved working with partner companies at the cutting edge of engineering and manufacturing innovation, including a 3D printed titanium frame designed by RedBull and manufactured by Panki.

I can work with you on design development from concept through to detailed design whether the requirement is an Automotive Styling assignment, or product and industrial design project.

2018 Indycar Design



Making the fast look faster! I was privileged to be instrumental in the design development of the critically acclaimed and multi award winning INDYCAR UAK-18 Aerokit manufactured by Dallara.

Racetech Magazine

Redbull Indycar Aeroscreen



I was part of the team responsible for creating perhaps one of the biggest advances in driver safety since the introduction of the seat belt.

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My extensive 3D animation capabilities can be blended with a passion for concept design also enables us to create fantastic vehicles, props and assets for game, film & TV projects.

On top of that, I can work with you on the user interface (UI) design based on user experience (UX) studies. We can work with your programming teams to make sure the software side of your project looks as slick as the hardware.

It is rare to develop a project from the ground up without having to seek investment. Whether it be aiding in the production of an initial Kickstarter or start-up presentation,

through to comprehensive corporate investment project documents, I can help you produce the materials needed to make that critical first impression.

I can give you a head start on the sales process by using 3D animation to create product explainers, training materials and advertising imagery. All before the physical product is actually made. To learn more about this; check out our animation section HERE.

Whatever your project, we're always excited to talk to like-minded people.

So drop us a line and let's see how we can work together!

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  • Concept Design and Modelling

  • Vehicle Design & Styling

  • Product & Industrial Design

  • Design for Movies & Games

  • 3D Rendering and Animation

  • User Experience (UI/UX)

  • Digital Product Design

  • Design Development

  • Creative Direction

  • Design Thinking

  • Venture Design

  • Investor Readiness Presentations

  • CAD Modelling

  • 3D Rendering and Animation

Velo 2023 Still Clean Brakes.jpg



The Velocity concept originally started as a portfolio piece, but when I was present at two high profile fatal accidents involving head injuries it became a life changing project that would lead all the way to biggest race in the world.

Product Design



This project is currently protected by a client non-disclosure agreement.




This project is currently protected by client non-disclosure agreement. I hope to reveal more in the future.

INDYCAR PPG Aeroscreen Mk I



I worked with IndyCar and PPG to create the initial form studies a self-supporting Windscreen prototype.

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