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Every day's a school day continually learning about my client's innovative products, ideas and the environments in which they operate. I spend half my time working out how to make things work. I spend the other half of that time working out how clients make their stuff work. And then how to communicate that to a particular audience!

My speciality is in product and scientific explainer animations for innovation and manufacturing companies through to medical and Pharmaceutical scientific demonstrations showing off the latest cancer treatment. I enjoy animating both huge vehicles right down to the inner space of human biology and physics. 

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  • Product Explainers

  • Technical Illustration

  • Creative & Art Direction

  • Meditech and Pharma

  • Scientific Demonstrations

  • Game Design and Asset creation

  • Film & TV Asset creation + VFX

  • Motion Graphics

  • Investor Readiness Presentations

  • 3D Animation

  • 3D Modelling

  • CGi Texturing and Shading

  • CGi Lighting

  • StoryBoarding

  • Animation set-up and Rigging

  • Rendering

  • Post Production

  • Video and Audio Editing

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