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Every day's a school day continually learning about my client's innovative products, ideas and the environments in which they operate. I spend half my time working out how to make things work. I spend the other half of that time working out how clients make their stuff work. And then how to communicate that to a particular audience!

My speciality is in product and scientific explainer animations for innovation and manufacturing companies through to medical and Pharmaceutical scientific demonstrations showing off the latest cancer treatment. I enjoy animating both huge vehicles right down to the inner space of human biology and physics. 

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  • Product Explainers

  • Technical Illustration

  • Creative & Art Direction

  • Meditech and Pharma

  • Scientific Demonstrations

  • Game Design and Asset creation

  • Film & TV Asset creation + VFX

  • Motion Graphics

  • Investor Readiness Presentations

  • 3D Animation

  • 3D Modelling

  • CGi Texturing and Shading

  • CGi Lighting

  • StoryBoarding

  • Animation set-up and Rigging

  • Rendering

  • Post Production

  • Video and Audio Editing

Denver ID_00016.jpg


See how I helped Luminaire innovation company Holophane launch their latest range of lighting products.



See how Dean Wright and I channelled our inner Cannon Ball Run to help Uniden showcase its latest advances in radar detection products.



An excitment animation launching the new  Link Scooter branding and software update.

Cutaway IndyCar



Based on the CAD supplied by Dallara and Chevrotte I have created a number of educational and marketing assets around for IndyCar and its partners to use.


I have teamed up with Holophane and their video partner Exposure to create a number of product explainer animations and pre manufacturing marketing renders.

CJD Medical Animation



Having lost his mother to Sporadic CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease), I volunteered to produce an animation that would help the Cure CJD campaign at ION London to help promote a new treatment called PRN-100 to the public and potential investors.

Product Explainer Project


Vitalograph is a medical device manufacturer specialising in repository testing. I have produced several animations describing their latest product innovations and on-device operational tutorials.

Jackhammer Animation.png



Teaming up with video partner Expose media I produced a number of technical animation shots for the launch of Milwaukee Tools new pneumatic breaker.

Product Explainer Animation



I've worked with swimming pool heating and hygiene specialist Elecro to produce and number of animations and product renders to illustrate their innovative products.

AGA Animations



In a previous life, running the then-called 3DB (Now just me) I ran a team producing a multitude of projects for legendary range cooker manufacturer AGA Rangemaster. These ranged from web-based product configurators, e-learning modules and product explainer 3D animations explaining things like induction cooking and how the traditional cast iron range provides a superior cooking experience to conventional ovens.




I've worked on a collection of technical explainer animations for respiratory medical device specialist Vitalograph over the years. This particular project showcases the VitaloLab suite of products.

Freeman Tech Lenterra.jpg



Another long term partnership. I have worked on and produced secveral technical explainer animations for powder dynamic specialist Freeman Technology. This particular project showcases their Lenterra product..

Chris Beatty Design_00125.jpg



Gaist is a leader in road survey innovations. I have been lucky to work with them on a couple of explainer animations showcasing their technology for bridge flood damage assessment and road surface condition monitoring.

These functional animations are designed to run in the background while a printer or sales operative describes what is happening in person.

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