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Elecro Joey

Drill Animation


I collaborated with Elecro, a renowned swimming pool heating and hygiene solutions specialist, to create a series of captivating animations and product renders showcasing their innovative range of products.

Through our partnership, we aimed to bring Elecro's cutting-edge solutions to life in a visually compelling manner. With meticulous attention to detail, we crafted animations highlighting their products' key features and benefits, providing viewers with a comprehensive understanding of their capabilities.

Additionally, we produced stunning product renders that captured the sleek design and functionality of Elecro's offerings. These renders served as powerful visual assets for marketing materials, brochures, and online platforms, allowing Elecro to effectively showcase its products to a broader audience.

It was an exciting and rewarding experience to work with Elecro, and I am proud to have contributed to their mission of delivering top-quality swimming pool heating and hygiene solutions.

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