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Vehicle Design and Styling. 3D Modelling, Shading, Rigging and Animation. Rendering and Post Production

As an artist, I believe it's essential to follow that innate creative urge. In my case, it led me to embark on a design journey that began in 2019, fueled by a deep-rooted passion for Star Wars from my childhood, a fascination with Elite, and an admiration for the iconic ship designs found in shows like Star Trek. I aimed to blend sleek lines, practicality, and a distinct silhouette into a single, harmonious creation.


The design language I embraced aimed to achieve an aesthetic that exuded elegance from specific angles while unmistakably signalling trouble to any adversaries from other perspectives. It was important for me to create a vessel that not only showcased a captivating visual presence but also left an indelible impression, making it clear that danger loomed for those who crossed its path.


This personal project allowed me to scratch that creative itch, channelling my passion and inspiration into a design that blends nostalgic elements with my own unique vision. It is a testament to the power of imagination and the joy of bringing ideas to life.

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