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Like many artists, sometimes you have to scratch that creative itch. I think I started roughing out the design in 2019, inspired by a childhood love of Star Wars and the elegant ship designs from shows like Star Trek. As with all my vehicle designs, I intended to produce a craft that looked elegant from certain angles but left antagonists in no doubt of the trouble headed their way from others. I also wanted to combine the sleek lines inspired by Star Trek with Star Wars' more "lived-in" and loveable functionality.

I created the initial polygon model in Maya, and after many sessions shoving verts and faces around the form was locked in. I parked the project for a couple of years before dusting it off early in 2023 as I got into Blender. This work has enabled me to get to grips with the fundamentals of shading and rendering in this brilliant piece of software. I am a true convert and eager to learn more!

There is plenty more I could do to polish it up further, especially with some of the fantastic Blender modelling add on's that would have made the initial build a lot easier. But I think it's time to release it into the world and move on to something new.

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