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Design Consultation, Styling, CAD re-purposing and 3D visualisation and rendering.

In collaboration with Red Bull, I worked on behalf of IndyCar to ensure seamless integration of the new Aeroscreen cockpit protection device into the 2018 chassis. This endeavour entailed maintaining design continuity while prioritizing overall functionality and safety. As part of the project, I collaborated closely with the engineering team, providing valuable solutions and suggestions to address the unique challenges that arose. Quick thinking and on-the-spot decision-making were crucial as I navigated the intricate balance between the device's aesthetics and its impact on the underlying structures.


The debut of the Aeroscreen in the 2020 racing season marked a significant milestone, as it emerged as a crucial safety measure that has since been credited with saving multiple drivers from severe injury or worse. This accomplishment stands as a testament to the collaborative effort and meticulous attention to detail invested in the design and implementation of the device. Working on this project was immensely rewarding, showcasing the intersection of innovation, engineering, and driver safety within the high-stakes world of motorsports. It reinforced the vital role that advancements in technology and design play in protecting the lives of athletes and further enhancing the sport as a whole.

Image credit INDYCAR



Project Lead - Andrew Damerum

Lead Engineer - Ed Collings

Engineer - Mark Foster

Engineer - Antonio Montanari


Project Lead - Tino Belli

Project Oversight - Bill Papis and Jay Frye

Styling / Creative Direction - Chris Beatty


Antonio Montanari

Alex Timmersman

Luca Verscovi

Pankl Racing Systems

Stefan Seidel

Aerodine Composites

Craig McCarthy


Brent Wright


Marco Bertolini

There were many more who contributed to this groundbreaking device.

Louis Schwitzer Award 2020 Indy 500

Ed Collings, Antonio Montanari, Stefan Seidel, Craig McCarthy,

Brent Wright, Marco Bertolini, Bill Pappas and Tino Belli

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