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Chris is a long term and vocal advocate for better driver protection in single-seater (open-wheel) racing cars.  He developed his Velocity concept car after being on-site for two very high profile fatalities in the UK and USA. The concept was released when the FIA initially publicised the divisive halo, currently on all Formula One cars.


This led to Chris working on the initial form studies of IndyCars prototype Mk.1 Aeroscreen that was to be manufactured by PPG. The material used turned out to be too brittle to pass the last impact tests, and so IndyCar had to go back to the drawing board.


Chris was again commissioned by IndyCars senior management team to assist with the design of the Aero Screen Mk.2. His role was to be a creative interface between IndyCar and Red Bull Advanced Technologies and steer the aesthetics of the new Aero Screen on which Red Bull Advanced Technologies were doing the mechanical design and development.


Chris worked with the engineers to make sure the new device would integrate into the 2018 chassis while maintaining design continuity and without compromising overall functionality. There were many technical partners on this ground-breaking project that has significantly improve the safety of the series race-car drivers. The device has now been manufactured and delivered to the teams to make its debut in the 2020 racing season.

Image credit INDYCAR



Project Lead - Andrew Damerum

Lead Engineer - Ed Collings

Engineer - Mark Foster

Engineer - Antonio Montanari


Project Lead - Tino Belli

Project Oversight - Bill Papis and Jay Frye

Styling / Creative Direction - Chris Beatty


Antonio Montanari

Alex Timmersman

Luca Verscovi

Pankl Racing Systems

Stefan Seidel

Aerodine Composites

Craig McCarthy


Brent Wright


Marco Bertolini

There were many more who contributed to this groundbreaking device.

Louis Schwitzer Award 2020 Indy 500

Ed Collings, Antonio Montanari, Stefan Seidel, Craig McCarthy,

Brent Wright, Marco Bertolini, Bill Pappas and Tino Belli

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