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Concept Design. 3D Modelling, Shading, Rigging and Animation. Rendering and Post Production


The introduction of the Velocity canopy design brought significant disruption to the forefront during the FIA's launch of their Halo system. This revolutionary design garnered substantial attention in the media, playing a pivotal role in shaping the discourse surrounding cockpit protection. As a result of this groundbreaking concept, I had the opportunity to contribute to the IndyCars prototype AeroScreen project, further solidifying my involvement in the realm of innovative cockpit safety solutions.


The Velocity design also ignited discussions surrounding the need to reduce reliance on aerodynamic grip or downforce but also prompted a broader exploration of alternative approaches. This spirited debate propelled me to assume a critical role as one of the key architects on the award-winning 2018 IndyCar project.


Being involved in these influential initiatives has been a remarkable experience, as it has allowed me to contribute to the advancement of safety measures within motorsport while pushing the boundaries of design and performance.


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“This closed-cockpit race car could be the future of Formula 1. A faster, safer racer that could put F1 and IndyCar back on track.” Dan Carney -MAXIM


“IndyCar is broken and here’s how to fix it” Alex Lloyd - Motors

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