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The Velocity concept originally started as a portfolio project, but when Chris was present at two high profile fatal accidents involving head injuries the canopy, and how it would work, became an essential and driving element of the project. The design was launched on social media coincided with the FIA's launch of their own "Halo" concept. The Velocity and it's canopy instantly gained traction with fans and the media as an alternative to the divisive FIA device.

The result was that the design was highly disruptive in the overall cockpit protection debate, and led to Chris working on IndyCars prototype AerScreen project. The concept also fueled the discussion about reduce dependence on aerodynamic grip or downforce. The project led directly to Chris becoming one of the critical architects on the award-winning 2018 IndyCar project.

“This closed cockpit race car could be the future of Formula 1. A faster, safer racer that could put F1 and IndyCar back on track.” Dan Carney -MAXIM


“IndyCar is broken and here’s how to fix it” Alex Lloyd - Motors

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