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Elecro Joey

Drill Animation


3D Modelling, Shading and Texturing and Rendering. Post Production and Retouching.

I worked with respiratory medical device manufacturer Vitalograph to develop a launch animation for their new VitaloRov and VitaloLab product range. Our goal was to create a visually compelling animation that effectively showcased the innovative features of these devices.


Throughout the project, I collaborated closely with Vitalograph's team to understand the intricacies of the VitaloRov and VitaloLab devices. I meticulously studied their ergonomic designs and advanced functionalities to ensure accurate representation in the animation.


The launch animation has played a vital role in introducing the VitaloRov and VitaloLab products to healthcare professionals, distributors, and potential customers. It's engaging visuals and informative content have generated interest and excitement around these advanced respiratory medical devices.

Overall, the collaboration between Vitalograph and myself resulted in a successful launch animation that effectively communicated the unique features and benefits of the VitaloRov and VitaloLab product range. It exemplified the power of collaboration, creativity, and cutting-edge technology in medical device innovation.

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